Segetis [se'getis] «lateinisch für Saat, Ernte»

Share register management

The basis of each share register is compiling, maintaining and processing the shareholder master data. We manage the details of your shareholders, do the registrations and deregistrations and care for all the bank-related issues. Our services also include extensive reporting.

We know which information is important for you and your company. The systematic evaluation of shareholder data is an important component of our services. You will be informed of relevant modifications to the shareholders automatically via Sharelog alert service.

Factsheet AR Outsourcing


Annual General Meeting

The preparation of the annual general meeting is closely linked with the share register. We will support you throughout the preparation:

  • Assisting with the design of printed materials
  • Preparation and sending of AGM invitations
  • netVote: The internet proxy voting system for shareholders
  • Processing replies
  • Regular reporting about the state of registration
  • Creation and sending of AGM admission tickets
  • Preparation of powers of attorney and instructions for the voting representatives
  • Regular consistency checks regarding the number of voting shares
We will support you on the day of the annual general meeting with:

  • Supervision of AGM information desk
  • Validation of AGM admission tickets
  • Detailed index of participants
  • Continuous evaluation of presence
  • Quick investigation and projection of voting results
Factsheet AGM Outsourcing

Further services

In our extensive share register management we include services such as:

  • Dividend payments (with option of reinvestment)
  • Reduction of nominal value
  • Share split
  • Capital increase
  • Share disposal by the company
  • Employee share ownership plan (ESOP)


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