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With Sharelog, Segetis has developed high-performance share register software which is based on ultra modern technological standards and is regularly updated. All modules of the software are fully integrated and allow you to work without an interface.

Sharelog has an electronic connection to SIX SIS and supports AREG data.

Tailor-made and flexible outsourcing solutions for the management of a modern share register are possible, as well as in-house usage. In this case Sharelog can be licensed under attractive conditions.

The licensing of Sharelog enables you to operate and manage the share register independently in your company. The necessary interface to SIX SIS is implemented.


Sharelog GV

The annual general meeting is a special discipline with strict legal specifications, fixed processes and special regulations. Our aim is to prepare each annual general meeting individually to the highest level.

Voting by radio places particularly high requirements on technology. The ePad is the visible unit of the complex voting system. By using the handy voting device shareholders can convey their decision electronically and the results will be available within seconds.



The most important details about the ePad in brief:

Radio module:

  • Carrier frequency: 433,92 MHz or 868 MHz
  • Votes per second: 400
  • Max. distance for vote transmission: 100 m


  • 3 colored voting keys with backlight to allow voting sessions in dark rooms
  • 1 functional key: INFO


  • 100 g (1 battery), 125 g (2 batteries)

Sharelog Cockpit

With Sharelog Cockpit shareholder information can be collected systematically and presented so that you can make the right decision quickly. Internet access is always possible, regardless of location or time.

The reports offer you a multitude of prepared standard evaluations at the touch of a button. They are divided into the areas of management summary, transactions, movements and mutations. All reports can be created automatically as a PDF or Excel file and saved.

Factsheet Sharelog Cockpit


NetVote by Segetis with the Nevis security solution by AdNovum Informatik AG is the comprehensive package for electronic distance voting. The internet proxy voting system can be integrated into the existing website and presented in the corporate design of the company if desired. The shareholder can access the application netVote with their identification and an individual access number (PIN), via a website.

The shareholder can order an access card electronically or issue the independent voting proxy with online voting instructions. The voting instructions can still be changed up until the day of the general meeting.

Netvote provides the shareholders with a high level of comfort and fulfils the requirements of the Minder initiative, thanks to its very easy and intuitive operation.

Authenticity and integrity of all data and documents are guaranteed. Thanks to a detailed protocolling, all activities of the shareholders can be tracked. The independent voting proxy can for example trace whether a shareholder has only read a document or whether they have also changed the voting instructions.

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